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Meggan and Joshua

Welcome to MegganMamma: Discovering How To Remain Healthy, Happy And Sane Through Mammahood. This blog is where I share with you my experiences and thoughts about anything that I find interesting or inspiring on my journey of mammahood. I hope that you might discover a few inspiring things here that make your own journey more healthy, happy and sane.

Why did you start this blog?

I started this blog because when I became a mum I didn’t want to go back to work immediately, but I wanted to keep writing and to share my journey as a mum. Blogging was the answer to that. I love blogging because it gives me a way of being able to stay connected with all of you, and enables me to keep being creative.

What is your education?

I qualified with a BA degree in Psychology and an Hons degree in Drama at Rhodes University in South Africa. Years later I became a Yoga Teacher and then a volunteer teacher for the Art of Living courses. I did my yogic training predominantly in India. In 2006 I started working as a Corporate Wellness Consultant in Sydney. Since then I’ve run a wide variety of seminars, including Stress Management, Work-Life Balance and vegetarian cooking workshops.

I’m an internationally published writer. I used to do a bit of travel writing, but I’ve mostly specialized in health and lifestyle. I began my writing career with the Daily Newspaper in Zimbabwe, Africa, writing a column on Health and Wellbeing. Since then my work has appeared in magazines, newspapers and on websites from Australia to Africa, India to Fiji, UK to Canada and the Philippines. I have been a regular contributor to Wellbeing magazine for the past 12 years, and have also written for Better Health, Spa Life, Australian Yoga Life Magazine, Your Pregnancy, Practical Parenting and the Australian Healthy Food Guide.

How do I find out more about your classes and lectures?

I’m not running as many workshops at the moment because I have a toddler, Joshua, who I’m very busy taking care of and blogging about. I am still teaching the Art of Living courses though, including the Art of Living Breathing Part 1 course and the Sri Sri Yoga course. If you want to be kept informed around upcoming class dates then email me at meggan@megganmamma (dot) com

I was adopted when I was 10 days old. Although I was ugly my adoptive parents told the nurse they’d take me anyway. My brother Grant and I grew up on a sugarcane, wheat and cotton farm in Zimbabwe, Africa. It was great fun. We’d play in the cotton and ride our bikes … and we had mango and lychee trees in the back garden. It was heaven.

Because there were no decent schools around my folks decided to send us to boarding school when we were 6 yrs old. It was hard sometimes, being away from home, but it was also fun being with friends 24/7.

When asked I always said that when I grew up I wanted to be come a trapeeze artist. Instead I went to University to study Psychology and Drama. Instead of doing that I stayed up late and partied a whole lot and miraculously passed my exams.

After University I moved to London where I wanted to make a lot of money.

After a couple of years I was very bored with that and so I travelled the world on my own for a year. It was incredible. I discovered a whole lot. I shaved my hair off. I did heaps of meditation and yoga. I became a yoga teacher in Varanassi. I even swam in the ganga. It was invigorating.

When I got home I got a job singing in a small cafe. I sang bhajans which I’d learnt in India. No one understood the words, but they liked them anyway. And then I discovered the Art of Living course. The breathing technique we learnt was very powerful. I know it sounds corny but it changed my life. As soon as I’d done the course I wanted to meet the man who’d put it course together, so I went to India and met him. The essence of his courses is all about learning how to live joyfully. It worked. Since then I’ve been inspired to share what he taught me with others.

And now … now I’m a mum. I’m sleep deprived but I’m happy. And low and behold, it’s giving me an incredible opportunity to practice everything I learnt on the Art of Living course!

Thank you for visiting MegganMamma
With love and warmth,

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