Do i need to do anything about my child; s cradle cap

do i need to do anything about my child s cradle cap Birth

I know of mums who dealt with their kids’ cradle cap really early and others who never did anything about it.

You really don’t need to do anything unless it becomes itchy and starts bleeding, (which is very rare) or if bothers you of course.


I waited until Joshi was 15 months before I did anything about his. You couldn’t see it because it was hidden under his hair and I wasn’t bothered by it, but I reached a stage where thought it would be nice to give his scalp a spruce. So one afternoon before bath time I put some almond oil (you can also use olive oil) on his scalp and massaged it over the cradle cap. Initially I massaged in circles using a really soft body scrub brush. When that didn’t loosen the skin I placed the flat side of a comb directly against his scalp and made small circles, using the teeth of the comb to lift the dry skin. It worked really well. In the bath I just rinsed his hair with water. I was wondering how to get the excess oil out, but by the next day it had completely returned to normal. Hey presto!

Another Remedy For Removing Cradle Cap:

Make a paste from bicarb and water. Rub it into your kid’s cradle cap, but not too hard. Leave it for the duration of bath time and then rinse it out with water.

What Is Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap is really common in babies. It’s scaly, crusty skin, either yellow or brown in appearance, which occurs on the baby’s scalp, usually in the first three months after birth. It’s usually not itchy and doesn’t bother your baby, (Joshi certainly never seemed at all bothered by it) but if it is then get it seen to.

What Causes It?

Doctors don’t agree on what causes it, but there seems to be two main theories – one says it’s caused by a fungus, the other says it’s caused by the baby’s overactive sebaceous glands.

Mums, did your child have cradle cap? Did you do anything about it? Do you have any effective natural remedies to share?

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