Have you ever meditated with a fly on your nose

have you ever meditated with a fly on your nose Tears

Fly On Nose Meditation

It was such a beautiful day I decided to take Joshi for a beach walk. The waves were wild. It was stunning. So I wrapped him in the ergo baby carrier (affilate link) and walked with my feet in the water. Simply divine. It’s these sort of moments which make mammahood feel super, extra, uber special … walking down the beach with my baby asleep on my chest while so many other people are hard at work.

Anyway, as is one of the many benefits of baby wearing, within a matter of minutes Joshi was fast asleep. “Great!” I thought, “I can meditate!” So I found a lovely spot among the rocks at the end of the beach and sat, closed my eyes and started my practice of sahaj samadhi meditation. It was so special meditating there – the fresh air, the sound of the ocean. What more could you want? And then. Well then this fly came along and decided to take up residence on my nose.

I once heard this great definition of meditation: “Meditation is your ability to be with what is.” Well then here’s my opportunity to remain equanimous with this fly tiptoeing across my nose! I took my awareness to the fly (how could I not!) and I kept my awareness there. I wasn’t going to allow myself shoo it away. I was going to be with him/her, come what may. Oh I can’t tell you how ticklish it was. If I wasn’t meditating I’d have shooed it away and scratched my nose for sure! But I’m very pleased to say I didn’t. I managed to observe the oh-so-ticklish ticklishness creeping across my skin beneath the footprints of those spindly little legs without scratching my nose or getting irritable. Oooo ooo ooo, those tiny little fly feet sure can tickle.

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