How i managed to remain equanimous when my car got smashed up

how i managed to remain equanimous when my car got smashed up Birth

Happy Birthday Joshi!

I should have trusted my intuition. Despite the feeling that my car was going to get smashed up by the garbage truck, I parked there anyway. It was the last space near the playground. We didn’t have much time in which to execute Joshi’s birthday wishes, so I took the spot. Our plan was to have a quick swing and then head to the zoo for a trip in the sky rail. Joshi loves looking down over the elephants from it.

As we walked towards the swings I looked back at the garbage collector. He was taking a picture of the messy bins by our car. I went back. He found it odd that I was asking him if he thought I should move my car. I was nervous about being parked so close to the bins. “No need,” he said, “Anyway I’m not going to pick up this rubbish. I want it left here as proof to the council.”

Minutes later he walked up to me in the playground. “I’m really embarrassed,” he said, “I’ve just smashed your car.” I tell you, if this had happened to me 13 years ago I’d have found it really hard to accept the situation. I’d have been majorly annoyed (understatement). I’d have done a lot of complaining, for sure. I’d have had bad thoughts about the garbage collector – like what a useless idiot he was and how careless he was. Although I may not have spoken harshly to him I’d have been really irritated and impatient towards him and the whole situation. Instead, I found myself smiling at the dude and saying, “That’s okay, mistakes happen,” and then we walked over to my car together to check out the damage.

It was pretty smashed up and needed to be towed. The insurance company said repairs would take at least 10 days. As it turns out, they need 4-5 weeks. Joshi’s birthday treat was suddenly replaced by long calls to the insurance company and a walk home in the rain. Yes, dealing with incidents like these is time and energy-consuming and very inconvenient … and what mum has heaps of time and energy to spare? But as the day passed, I found myself thinking about my pending car-less days as an adventure rather than a problem. 13 years ago it would have been a big problem.

It’s days like these that make me grateful I did The Art Of Living Course 13 years ago. On the course I learnt a breathing technique called the sudarshan kriya which I’ve practised pretty much every day since. Yes, I missed a few days when Joshi was born, but got back into it really quickly. I didn’t want to miss a single day because I knew it was good for me. I mean really good for me. I never would have imagined it possible, but what I learnt on that course literally affected everything in my life … how I see things, how I feel about things and how I deal with the challenges life hands me. And this week it was why I was able to remain equanimous when my car was literally trashed.

As a parent, there’s barely a day that passes where I don’t feel grateful for having come across the Art of Living Course. I often wonder how I’d be coping if I didn’t have the tools that this course gave me and the incredible wisdom about living life. I’m not saying that my approach to life has become perfect, but it’s certainly improved a lot. It takes a lot more to upset me now and when I do get upset about something it doesn’t take me as long to come back to being equanimous.

Where Can You Do The Art of Living Course?

If you want to do the Art of Living Course you can literally do it in any of 152 countries. It’s everywhere. It really doesn’t matter where you do it or who you do it with – there are thousands of teachers out there and I’ve yet to encounter one who isn’t awesome. Somehow participants end up getting from it exactly what they need at that time in their lives.

Who Organises and Teaches The Art Of Living Course?

All the courses are organised and taught by people who’ve benefited enough from them that they’re happy to contribute their time and energy without getting financial compensation. Yes – volunteers.

How To Find Out More Before Committing to The Art Of Living Course

If you’d like to find out more about the Art of Living Course before you commit to it, get yourself to one of the Introductory Seminars – they’re only an hour long and they’re FREE. Alternatively, just sign up for the course. I promise you won’t regret it. If anything, you might regret not having done it sooner.

Can You Do The Art Of Living Course With Meggan?

Thank you for that question! Yes! I happen to be one of thousands of volunteers who teach this course. Join me on my next Art Of Living course, in Mosman, Sydney. To register now, click here.

PS. A Note To Parents

Folks, don’t let your kids become a reason why you can’t commit to doing an 18 hour Art of Living course. (Yip, that’s how long it is). While they might miss having you around, your family will thank you for it in the end. And then, on the days when you’re feeling a bit flat, irritable or grumpy, you may well come to experience what it’s like to hear your little one say, “Go and do your breathing mum!”

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