I can; t tell you how grateful this mamma is for meditation

i can t tell you how grateful this mamma is for meditation Birth

In the car park: mamma meditating while baby sleeps

I really don’t know what was going on last night. It could’ve been because Joshi’s nose was slightly blocked. Or because he was too hot. Or maybe that third tooth is coming through and he’s teething. Who knows? Buts this is what happened …

I wasn’t feeling so sleepy last night because I had just been to long kriya … my weekly prana hit, so rejuvenating. So I only got to bed at 11pm. Half an hour later Joshi woke up, so I fed him and within 20 minutes of him waking we were both asleep again. 40 minutes later Joshi was awake again so the same thing happened. And then again forty minutes later. And then again! By the fourth session I was thinking on my God, how much more of these 40 minute naps can this body and mind of mine take? Fortunately, just when I was reaching the end of my tether, he slept for three hours solid. And so did I. Heaven. And then at 6am when Joshie woke to play I tugged on Simon’s arm and Simon took over while I went back to sleep. Of course when Simon takes over and I’m sleeping I still have to wake occasionally when Simon brings Joshi in for a feed, but I just do this lying down with minimum disturbance. At 8.30am I was up and out of bed, but only because my brother phoned from London.

And now, a few hours later, I’m sitting in the car in a car park at our local organic market. Joshi’s in the backseat, fast asleep. He fell asleep as soon as we left the house one hour ago. And while he’s been sleeping I’ve managed to drive here, meditate for 25 minutes and then write this blog. I was so not knackered when I parked up but having meditated I’ve now got enough energy to get Joshi out the backseat and go and get those vegetables.

It said that’s 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to three hours of sleep. The rest that you get from meditating is so deep …I can vouch for that – and God knows how mammas need rest! (understatement of the year). Now I’m wondering – how on earth do mammas cope without meditation? And thank God I learnt how to meditate before I became a mamma, otherwise I may not have made the time to put myself on a meditation course, no matter how badly I needed it.

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