Is your baby a good sleeper

is your baby a good sleeper Boobies

I can’t tell you how often I’ve been asked this question in the last 14 months. There’ve even been times when meeting another mum for the first time she’s skipped the ‘hi, what’s your name and how old’s your baby” stuff and gone straight for the big question. What everyone’s really asking is, “Does your little darling sleep through the night?”

Anyway, I’m interested to hear from all you mammas out there who don’t practice “cry it out” … When did your baby or toddler first sleep right through the night? Do you think it was directly related to anything you did and how long was it before it was a regular thing?

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Meg’s our little Ayyan is 2 1/2 and now only wakes up once a night, which is bliss. As parents we’ve learnt to adapt to his wake up calls and no doubt as the calls get less frequent it is a relief, particularly when you have to be at work early the next day. However, we were never in favor of the “cry out” method and we accepted his frequent interruptions at night as part of who he is. I have no regrets and must admit that when the now one call a night ends – I may even miss it;)

That must be so hard, being a working mum and having to ride through those nights. What would you do when he woke Shen?

Hi Meggan,
Just found your blog through a comment on evolutionaryparenting. com and so have just read this post
Ugh I hate the “Does he sleep all night?” particularly from my father in law! I always say, very brightly, “no, but that’s what babies are like, they are meant to wake up”. Liam is 13 months and has also always woken AT LEAST 2-3 hourly since day dot. He also only just started having naps in the last month or so that last longer than 40 minutes at a time. So I feel your “pain” (if you like, I actually choose not to think negatively about it). I wonder if Joshi is sleeping better now that he is a few months older? At 6 months I started a schedule from The Dream Baby Guide, without the cry it out she suggests. I used gentle techniques to wean off feeding to sleep (we were attending a wedding when Liam was almost 7 months and wanted it to be easy for my mum to put him to sleep). Anyways, long story short by 10 months he was sleeping 630 to 2am then awake again at 5am then 7ish. At 10 months he got hand foot and mouth disease and it all went out the window. Now he goes to sleep by 715 (nursed or rocked), wakes again by 930 then I don’t keep count after that as I’ve usually pulled him into bed with us so I can sleep better.
Anyways, it is always so nice to hear that others just get on with it and deal with the same situations without resorting to harsh methods just because they want their 8 hour uninterrupted sleep (gee wouldn’t that be bliss!). Oh or so they have time to do their hair :/ (absolute pet hate).
Keep up the good work!

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your comment. Joshi is definitely sleeping much better now. He’s 19 months old. He has quite a long initial sleep at night now, usually between 3 and 6 hours, which I think is great. He tends to wake more regularly closer to getting up time to cluster feed. I feel good about the fact that this progression towards longer sleeps has happened naturally. And I don’t feel sleep-deprived anymore. What’s also helped heaps though, is that I no longer need to EC him at all at night because since 14 months he started holding through the night. That makes night time wakes heaps easier and far less disruptive. Sounds like you’re doing a great job. All the best!

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