Saturday parental recovery day

saturday parental recovery day Boobies

Simon and Joshi asleep on Saturday morning

I don’t know what we’d do without Saturdays.

Before I became a mamma I had no idea that sleep deprivation was going to be such a big part of the equation. Joshi is now 10 months old and waking anywhere between three and eight times a night. Apparently that’s entirely normal and healthy, for Joshi. During Joshi’s night-time wakes he usually just needs a wee and a small drink (of boobie milk) and then goes straight back to sleep, no fuss. Otherwise, he needs a cuddle or a big feed … or the delux combo mix of all of the above. While I honestly don’t mind waking so much through the night, it’s pretty nice to reap the added sleep benefits available to us through our Saturday tag-teaming routine. Consequently, for the past few months, this is how Saturday’s go in our home:

Around 6am: Joshi wakes up to play, bouncing up and down in bed between us with a huge smile on his face. He then goes to Simon, (who’s futilely attempting to get a few more minutes of sleep), pats his face and eyes and tugs on his nose until he wakes up.

6.15am: Simon and Joshi go through to the living room so that Joshi can play while I catch some more zzzzz’s. ‘Play’ usually includes
attempting to shred and eat the peace lily, climb into the dishwasher, eat the remote controls and deconstruct the lamps. During these next couple of hours Joshi might randomly crawl into the room and climb up on the bed for a feed, which always happens while I’m still horizontal and half asleep. Long gone are the days when Joshi would lie still next to me and feed fairly quietly. He wriggles about like crazy now, frequently moving in and out of downward dog while feeding. It’s like having a mini olympic gymnast attached to your boobie. Before I know it he’ll be feeding in head stand.

9am: I wake up, shower and take over. Simon passes out. Fortunately Simon has prepared breakfast whilst I’ve been asleep – Bonus! It’s usually oats with stewed cinnamon apples. Yummy. (Incidentally, oats are great for breast-feeding mammas coz it’s good for milk supply: double bonus).

Somewhere between 9.30am and 11.15am: Joshi typically falls asleep. As soon as he does, I usually stop whatever I’m doing to do kriya and meditation. If I don’t start my practice as soon as he falls sleep it’ll probably get interrupted half way through when Joshi wakes.

Between 11:15am and 12.15pm: I eat a huge lunch. (When you’re breast-feeding you need at least 2,200 calories per day, that’s about 500 more than usual, so I’m usually hungry and ready for lunch by 11:15am).

Around 1pm: Simon usually gets woken up. It’s a bit of a tough decision this one – I often wonder whether I should let him sleep until he wakes naturally, but if he sleeps for too long he’ll feel groggy and dull and may not be able to get to sleep until very late at night. Alternatively, if he doesn’t sleep long enough he’ll still be tired. I usually wake him after three hours because I’ve had enough of him being asleep.

1pm onwards: Because we’ve both had all this lovely extra sleep we usually have enough energy to give the apartment a really thorough clean – dusting, vacuuming, getting a few loads of laundry on and then we take it in turns going for a 1hr Thai massage down the road. Ahhhh …. bliss.

By the end of Saturday the sleep deprivation has usually subsided (at least momentarily) and we have a whole lot more energy to keep up with Joshi. I never imagined I’d need so much, but he’s so full of beans we need every little bit we can get and more. “Just wait till he starts walking!” is what I keep hearing. “That’s when it really begins.” Hmmm, if nothing else, this mammahood thing sure is getting me fitter.

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