So far this stroller is the biggest waste of money ever

so far this stroller is the biggest waste of money ever Tears

Our Glorified Shopping Trolley – Joshi’s Stroller

So far the stroller we bought a few weeks ago is the biggest waste of money ever. For the first four months of Joshi’s life, whenever we went anywhere, either Simon or I would wear Joshi. At first we used the hug-a-bub the most. It was just perfect when he was a newborn. It cocooned him beautifully and really simulated the safe and warm environment in which he’d been hanging out for the previous nine months. After a few weeks, as he got a bit bigger, we started using the dydimo wrap more and finally, from the time Joshi was about 2 months old, we ended up only really using the ergo baby carrier. It’s so easy to get on an off as opposed to the long wraps which are so gorgeous but take more time and skill to use and which drag on the ground if you have to put them on when you’re out. Of course you could plan ahead and put the wrap on before you leave home, but sometimes it’s too hot to wear a wrap over your clothes in the car. It’s not that I don’t use the wraps anymore, but when I’m on the go the ergo is what gets pulled on. It’s on in no time and then in goes Joshi and off we go!

Anyway, a few weeks ago my back was really hurting … partly because my abs were still working to come together after Joshi’s birth and partly because I was spending so much time picking up my ever-growing baby, who now, at 4.5 months old weighs 8 kg’s! That puts him in the 90th percentile. That’s a lot of growing he’s been doing … especially when you consider he was only 2.945 kg’s at birth! (Gotta love breast milk!) And although I’m thrilled that he’s growing so well, that’s a lot of weight to keep picking up, putting down and carrying around!

Anyway, when after four months my back started taking strain, off we went to the shops to check out strollers. I was really reluctant to get one. I’m just not a big fan of them, but I had to prioritize taking care of my back and to not overdo carrying Joshi.

We eventually found one we kind of liked. Although it is forward facing (ie. your child can’t see you when they’re in it), it has this netting-type material which enables them to see you (and you them) when they’re lying down in it. The other thing I liked about it was that it only weighed about 7 kg’s, which you have to consider if you’re going to be lifting it in and out if your car boot. And lastly, it’s other good feature was that it could be compactly collapsed by simply lifting a handle. So we did it. We bought it.

That was about three weeks ago now. Ironically enough, ever since we bought it, my back started feeling a whole lot stronger and I’ve been wearing Joshi all over the show. All in all I’ve used the strolled twice. And on both occasions it’s not been for carrying Joshi. Well, once he was in it for a bit while I was scooting round the store doing a food shop, but he very quickly had enough of being in there and so I ended up carrying him in the ergo carrier and putting my groceries in the stroller! Our stroller is now officially referred to as our ‘glorified shopping trolley.’ Perhaps instead of spending a fortune on a stroller I could have got one of those dodgy looking grocery pull trolley things that people take to markets.

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