Today i rose so deeply in love i thought my heart might burst

today i rose so deeply in love i thought my heart might burst Boobies

Joshi Tearing His Mum’s Heart Open With Love

I’ve heard it so often from parents, about the love that you have for your children, how it’s like no other love, and a lot of the time when they’ve said it I’ve thought, “yeah, yeah … whatever.” Until today. Perhaps it’s that surge of oxytocin from this morning’s breastfeeding session, who knows, who cares? … when you’re deeply in love is there any need to find the reason?

Last night I went to Rodney’s house for long kriya. It’s my weekly outing – and I love it. After kriya Rodney read a beautiful knowledge sheet from one of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s (Founder of the Art of Living Foundation) books. It said something about how there are 3 things in life which bring you deep rest – love, meditation and seva (unconditional service to others).

Well, last night I got to bed late because after doing kriya I was full of energy and feeling great. We woke a couple of times through the night and Joshi fed and then this morning Joshi woke up at 4am and didn’t want to go back to sleep, so we got up. By 7am I was ready for lunch. 9am felt like 2pm. My prana was steadily dropping. I started day-dreaming about taking a nap with Joshi.

And then I put the music on, and I wrapped Joshi in the hug-a-bub, and I danced with my baby round the living room. We danced and danced. It was so entrancing. Joshi was smiling and I was spinning. Completely intoxicated with the moment. And then Joshi fell asleep. Ah, my chance to sleep has arrived! But I no longer felt the need for sleep. I think my tiredness must have vanished when I looked down at Joshi. There he was, sleeping against me, all snug and peaceful. His heart against mine. And in that moment I rose so deeply in love I thought my heart might burst.

Sri Sri’s words are still resonating inside me … seva, meditation and love all bring you deep rest.

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