What to do with your kids when it rains

what to do with your kids when it rains Birth

I often don’t feel like going outside with my son when it rains. So there’ve been many days when we’ve stayed inside. On those days there’s often a lot of running around, jumping on the bed, dancing, anything that will help burn off some of that energy. But there can also be a lot of stir-craziness in the air. Often whinging sets in.

So the last time it rained I decided to really embrace the rain. We got dressed warmly, put on shoes that were good for getting soaked, filled up our water bottle, got our umbrellas and went out. We drove near one of my favourite foreshore walks and then we did it – into the ‘secret forest’ we went: climbing over rocks, standing in puddles, smelling the frangipanis, throwing leaves and sticks into the water as it gushed down over the rocks. We sat on the wet wooden bridge, my son on my lap and sang “Deck the Halls” at the top of our lungs. No one was around. Actually we sang that carol during the whole of our adventure. It was one of the most magical days of my life. It certainly beat hanging out in our local library.

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