Why i love baby wearing

why i love baby wearing Tears

Joshi In The Hug-A-Bub

You never know what kind of baby you’re going to get. And no matter how much baby-wearing may appeal to you, it may not appeal to your baby. I know of mums who’ve gone out and bought heaps of baby wraps and slings while they’ve been pregnant, only to find that they have to sell or pass them on once their baby is born. Unlucky. Fortunately for me, Joshua loves being worn and almost every time he is, he falls asleep. Loving it. Unfortunately for me my back isn’t yet strong enough after the birth to be able to keep him in the wrap for more than an hour or two a day. If it was, I’d have him in there for longer. Anyway, an hour or two is better than nothing. And my back’s getting stronger by the day (just so long as I prioritise doing those ab exercises).

So, why do I love baby-wearing? Firstly, I get to be close to Joshi and be able to get stuff done. While I’m wearing him I can cook, eat, go shopping, meditate, write my blog (which I’m doing right now while he’s sleeping on me) or go for a walk. And I don’t have to avoid the bush walks or the walks with steps. Also, when it’s cold he’s like a little hot water-bottle so I don’t have to dress as warmly. And lastly, it’s one sure way of helping him get to sleep when he’s tired but struggling to drop off.

I have 3 baby carriers which I alternate between. I use a didymo, a hug-a-bub (or a ‘hug-a-bug’ as my mother-in-law calls it) and an Ergo Baby Carrier. Like friends, I love them all but for different reasons. The didymo is great because it’s made from woven material, giving you really good back support. And it doesn’t stretch out of shape once it’s on. I really liked using the hug-a-bub (which I’m wearing in the picture above) when Joshi was a newborn. It’s made from stretchy t-shirt material though, so you have to wrap it really tight if you don’t want your baby swinging around your knees. On the up side, it’s more affordable than most wraps. Definitely more affordable than the didymo. And the Ergo Baby carrier? I’d say it’s really good for being able to get your baby on and off quickly because it’s like a backpack and doesn’t take as long as a wrap to get on. You really need to try them out though to know what works best for you and your baby. So if you have a bun in the oven are planning on baby-wearing, start borrowing your friends baby-wearing gear.

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