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Why You Shouldn’t Insist Your Kid Eats Everything On His/Her Plate

Breakfast time! I’ve been observing how us parents are with our kids around food, including myself. I’ve been noticing how some folks insist their kid eats everything on their plate. I’ve also been observing my own tendencies and the language that I use with Joshi around food. And it’s got me thinking. The conclusion I’ve come to is that mealtimes are yet another opportunity for practicing mindfulness. How Mindful Are You Around Your Kid’s.

When Should I Give My Baby Solids?

Joshi Eating Rock Melon For The First Time Ever I really didn’t feel drawn to giving Joshi something like rice porridge on a spoon as a way of introducing him to solids, so I was pleased as when I came across the idea of baby-led weaning (BLW). Rather than mashing, processing or pureing foods and feeding them to your baby on a spoon, BLW is more about putting food (often in a wedge-like shape) in front of them. Then they can decide whether they’d like to.

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